Aji, Hélène is Chair Professor of American literature at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris, a member of UAR 3608 “République des savoirs,” and vice-president of the Institut des Amériques. She was Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 and has been a regular Guest Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. In addition to articles on 20th- and 21st-century American poetry, she is the author of Ezra Pound et William Carlos Williams: Pour une poétique américaine (L’Harmattan, 2001), William Carlos Williams: Un plan d’action (Belin, 2004) and a book-length essay on Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier (Armand Colin, 2005). She co-edited several volumes among which a collection of essays on the poetry of John Ashbery (Ashbery Hors Cadre, Éditions Rue d’Ulm, 2021). She co-directs the book series “Intercalaires” (Presses de l’Université Paris Nanterre) and the book series “Seminal Modernisms” (Clemson University Press).

Anthony-Gerroldt, Laure-Hélène Her doctoral thesis focused on the use of sensations and synaesthesia in the works of John Keats and their influence on Wilfred Owen’s war poetry. She currently teaches at Université de Bourgogne.

Azcuy, Mary Kate  Associate Professor of English at Monmouth University, she has written articles about contemporary poetry and is completing a monograph on Louise Glück. Poet, she has also written a series of nonfiction essays about childhood.

Birkan-Berz, Carole  Associate Professor of English at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, she publishes on translation, poetry, and poetic forms.

Blandeau, Agnès  Associate Professor of English at Université de Nantes, she publishes in the fields of medieval literature, contemporary literature, and cinema.

Bouyssou, Roland  Emeritus Professor of English at Université Toulouse Mirail, his Les Poètes-Combattants Anglais de la Grande Guerre (1974) was followed by numerous other publications about the war poets, including an article about Wilfred Owen for Caliban 53 (2015).

Bowen, Claire  Associate Professor of English at Université Le Havre Normandie (and recently retired), she has written numerous articles about war photography, graphic novels, women’s work, and representation of  World War I and more recent conflicts. She co-edited Representing Wars from 1860 to the Present: Fields of Action, Fields of Vision (2018).

Brault-Dreux, Elise Senior Lecturer at Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de France, she is the author of Le ‘Je’ et ses masques dans la poésie de D.H. Lawrence (2014) and co-editor of No Dialect Please, You’re a Poet (2019).

Brunet, François  Professor of the history of images and culture of the United States at Université Paris Diderot, his publications include: Photography and Literature (2009), La photographie histoire et contre-histoire (2017), and he has edited L’Amérique des images, Histoire et culture visuelles des Etats-Unis (2013) and Circulation, Terra Foundation Essays 3 (2017).

Capet, Antoine  Emeritus Professor of English at Université Rouen Normandie and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he has authored numerous articles and books on British History, including Montgomery, L’Artiste des batailles (2015) and Churchill: le dictionnaire (2018).

Cariou, Gwennaëlle  Post-Doc at Université Paris Diderot, she completed her thesis on the history of museums in the United States. 

Cheyroux, Emilie works on American and British cultural studies, particularly film studies. She is associate professor at Institut Universitaire National Champollion.

Collonges, Julien  Formerly Research Librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale Universitaire in Strasbourg, he is now Subject Specialist librarian for fine arts, musicology, theatre, philosophy, theology and Romance philology at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

Couderc, Gilles  Senior Lecturer in English at Université Caen Normandie until his retirement in 2018, he has published many articles on operas by Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams. He was responsible for editing four issues of Lisa and also co-directed an issue of Revue Française de Civilisation Britannique: Musique, nation et identité : la renaissance de la musique anglaise, 1880-1980

D’Arcy, Thomas Christopher After receiving an M.A. in Literature from the University of Washington, he taught English Literature at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. 

De Cacqueray, Elizabeth was Senior Lecturer in English Studies at Université Toulouse Le Mirail. Her research focuses primarily on the portrayal of women in British Cinema during World War II. 

Duplay, Mathieu is a Professor of American Literature at Université Paris Cité (formerly Université Paris Diderot — Paris 7). His latest book, Les Œuvres scéniques de John Adams: l’opéra et les frontières du littéraire, was published Honoré Champion in 2023. Mathieu Duplay currently serves as President of the French Association for American Studies (AFEA).

Elsam, Paul is an independent researcher and taught at Hull, Teesside and Coventry.  His published monographs include: Acting Characters: 20 simple steps from rehearsal to performance (Bloomsbury, 2011) and Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur (Bloomsbury, 2013).

Gleeson, William  Associate professor of American History at Université du Maine, he has written about the Civil War and nineteenth century American photography.

Glover, Jon  Poet and Professor Emeritus at University of Bolton, he has had a hand in editing Stand magazine since the 1960s, and is currently the managing editor. He edited Jon Silkin’s Making a Republic (2002) and Complete Poems (2015), and is preparing a biography of Silkin. Glover’s poetry is found in Our Photographs (1986), To the Niagara Frontier (1994), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2008).

Grafe, Adrian  Professor of English at Artois University, he is author of Emily Dickinson, clefs concours (2009) and has co-edited Thomas Hardy, Poet: New Perspectives (2015) and Edward Thomas’s Roads from Arras (2018).

Grant, Damian Poet and Senior lecturer in English at University of Manchester, he is the author of Tobias Smollet (1986), Salman Rushdie (2012), and  Realism (2019). 

Hanotte, Xavier writer and translator, he has published Et Chaque Lent Crépuscule (2001), and Manière noire (1995).

Hennebert, Jérôme Lecturer in 20th century French language and literature at the University of Lille, he has published on modern and contemporary French poetry.

Hercend, Olivier is a senior lecturer at Nanterre Université. After completing his PhD at Sorbonne Université in 2019, he is working on its publication with Classiques Garnier, under the title A Modernist Economy of Reading: Joyce, Woolf, T.S. Eliot. He is co-editing a collection entitled The Wanderings of Modernism, with Clemson University Press, has published articles and book chapters (in French and English) on modernism and literary theory, and is also the treasurer for the Société d’Etudes Modernistes. He is also a novelist.

Hesry, Thibaud is doing research at Paris-Diderot University on the American Civil War and the relationship between the memory of the war and the Reconstruction period.

Hibberd, Dominic  (1941-2012) was an authority on Wilfred Owen, he edited an edition of Owen’s poems, and wrote two critical biographies of the poet (1986, 2002). With John Onions he edited an important chronological anthology of World War I poetry, The Winter of the World (2007). He also published a biography of the founder of the Poetry Bookshop, Harold Monro: Poet of the New Age (2001).

Kaminski, Theresa has published Angels of the Underground: The American Women who Resisted the Japanese in World War II (2015). Forthcoming in 2020: Dr. Mary Walker’s Civil War: One Woman’s Journey to the Medal of Honor and the Fight for Women’s Rights.

Kilgore-Caradec, Jennifer  Associate Professor of English at Université Caen Normandie and affiliated with LARCA (CNRS umr  8225), she is co-editor of Arts of War and Peace and co-directs the book series “Seminal Modernisms” at Clemson University Press. She recently guest-edited an issue of Etudes Anglaises: ‘Reading Geoffrey Hill in 2020’ (2018).

King, Peter  Catholic Worker and co-founder of the Unity Kitchen in Syracuse New York with Ann O’Connor, he was arrested and held briefly in custody in 1971 due to his participation in a peace demonstration.

Lojkine Morelec, Monique  Professor Emeritus of English Poetry at Sorbonne University (Paris IV), she has published T.S. Eliot: essai sur la genèse d’une écriture (1985) as well as numerous articles on poetic modernism.

Lowery, Owen  His collections of poetry include: Otherwise Unchanged (2012) and  Rego Retold: Poems in Response to Works by Paula Rego (2015).

Macadré, Pauline is  currently a lecturer (PRAG) at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. She defended her doctoral thesis on the representation of the real in Virginia Woolf’s fiction under the supervision of Professor Frédéric Regard at Sorbonne University in 2019 (Prix André Topia en Études Modernistes de la Chancellerie de Paris, 2020). Her research focuses on the place and authority of the female subject in the world and in writing, and explores the aesthetic and ethical implications of a non-anthropocentric perspective.

Malherbet, Emmanuel Poet and translator of Wilfred Owen, Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, and Siegfied Sassoon. 

McLennan, Neil Senior Lecturer at King’s College, University of Aberdeen,  his research has focused on Wilfred Owen in Edinburgh, where he chaired a series of public engagement events commemorating the war poets  in 2017, the same year he was appointed an honorary member of the Wilfred Owen Association.

Meigs, Mark  Professor of American History at Université Paris Diderot since 1998 and co-editor of Arts of War and Peace, he has published numerous varied articles on historical issues, as well as Mencken (2004).

Montin, Sarah Associate Professor of English at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, she works on war poetry and has published Contourner l’abîme, Les poètes-combattants britanniques à l’épreuve de la Grande Guerre (Sorbonne Université Presses, 2018). Her French translations of Ivor Gurney (2016) and Isaac Rosenberg (2018) appeared with Éditions Alidades.

Mounic, Anne  Retired from her position as Associate Professor at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Anne Mounic edits the on-line review Temporel and has published poetry and numerous critical studies of poetry, including Poésie et philosophie, Ineffable rigueur (2017).

Mullen, John is Professor of English at Université Rouen Normandie.  He has authored and edited several books about popular songs of the First World War.

Panoff, Jean-Michel  Professor of Biology at Université Caen Normandie, his work engages with environmental risk as well as microbiology and food. 

Parc, Cathy  Associate Professor of English at the Catholic University in Paris, she is co-editor of Poetry & Religion: Figures of the Sacred (2013). She translated and published a bilingual edition of Elizabeth Jennings, Poèmes choisis, 1953-1985 (2014), and is also the author of English Words for Economics (2015) and L’anglais du monde politique (2 volumes, 2014).

Peddie, Katharine  Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kent, she is completing her Ph.D on contemporary American poetry and preparing a book of Rilke translations about Orpheus and Eurydice. She also writes poetry.

Pire, Beatrice  Associate Professor of American Literature at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, she co-edited David Foster Wallace, Presences of the Other (2017), and is the author of Hart Crane, l’Âme extravagante (2003) and Figures de la décomposition familiale dans le roman américain contemporain (2018).

Pivin, Aude was born in Paris where she was a teacher in University before working as a family mediator. She continues to be involved with cinema and literary studies. Since 1998 she has translated American poetry (Rosanna Warren, Katie Peterson, Maureen McLane) and regularly publishes creative and critical texts (Remue.netDiacritic, L’atelier du roman, Secousse, Conférence, Saint Ambroise). She is a member of the editorial team at, and has organised discussions at the Maison de la poésie.  Her translations of Rosanna Warren’s poetry have appeared as De notre vivant (2019).

Provost Vallet, Marie-Noelle  Associate Professor of English (retired) at Université Caen Normandie, she wrote her thesis on literary London during World War II and has written articles exploring the depiction of war in various novels.

Robertson, Megan  She received her Ph.D. in 2017 from Simon Fraser University. She contributed ‘Epistolary Memory: First World War Letters to British Columbia’ to the British Columbian Quarterly (summer 2014).

Romer, Stephen  Poet, critic, translator and anthologist, as well as Associate Professor of English at Université de Tours for many years, he is currently the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford. His most recent work is Set Thy Love in Order: New & Selected Poems (2017), and he is currently translating The Red Scarf by Yves Bonnefoy. He was elected Fellow to the Royal Society of Literature in 2011.

Rotenberg-Schwartz, Michael  Associate Professor of English at New Jersey City University, he has published on a wide variety of subjects, including the representation of trauma in Art Spiegelman’s Maus, conceptions of war and peace in eighteenth-century British poetry and sermons, and the poetry of David Harsent and Brian Turner. Recently he has written on Anglican and Jewish narratives of travel to the Holy Land, and the challenges of recovering festival and life cycles practices during the Enlightenment.

Rouquet, Camille  She completed a thesis about media influence during the Vietnam war in 2017 at Université Paris Diderot and continues her research on photojournalism.

Schmidt-Cléach, Gaël  is a Ph.D. student at Paris Diderot.

Schober, Angelika has been part of the editorial board of  Arts of War and Peace since its inception. She is Professor emeritus of German at the Université de Limoges and is the author of Géocritique de Nietzsche. France, Allemagne, Europe et au-delà (2019) and  Reflets des Lumières dans la pensée allemande (2016).

Shelton, Jen is an Associate Professor of English at Texas Tech University, specializing in modernism and British literature. She is the author of Joyce and the Narrative Structure of Incest (2006).

Sheppard, Richard  Emeritus Fellow at Magdalen College Oxford, his publications include: Ernst Stadler (1883-1914): A German Expressionist Poet at Oxford (1994) and Modernism-Dada-Postmodernism (2000). He has also published numerous articles on the works of W.G. Sebald.

Smith, Ron  is former Poet Laureate of Virginia (2014-2016), and author of five books of poetry, Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery (1988, revised and enhanced edition 2020), Moon Road: Poems 1986-2005 (2007), Its Ghostly Workshop (2013), and The Humility of the Brutes (2017), and That Beauty in the Trees (April 2023). He has taught poetry at University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Mary Washington University. He is currently the poetry editor for Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature and the first  Writer-in-Residence at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia, where he also holds the Squires Chair of Distinguished Teaching.

Tholas, Clementine is the author of Le Cinéma américain et ses premiers récits filmiques (2014). She teaches at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Tseti, Angeliki  Adjunct professor at Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of English Language and Literature, she has published numerous articles the depiction of trauma in literature.

Vallée, Cécile  Senior Lecturer in the English Department of Rouen University, she lectures on British civilisation and visual studies, and her research is related to radio and iconographic propaganda. She recently co-edited and co-authored Time and Culture/Temps et culture (2017).

Versteeg, Wilco  Ph.D.  in English and American studies from Université Paris Diderot, he specializes in war photography.

Vuong, Thomas Associate Researchers at Université Sorbonne-Paris Nord Pléiade, he holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, and has written about the sonnet.

Wainwright, Jeffrey  Poet, he was formerly Professor of English at Manchester Metropolitan University and now writes full-time. His recent work includes:  Acceptable Words: Essays on the Poetry of Geoffrey Hill (2005), The Reasoner (2012), Poetry, the Basics (third edition, 2015), What Must Happen (2016).

Warren, Rosanna  Poet, translator, essayist, and biographer, Warren has been the Hanna Holborn Gray Distinguished Service Professor in the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago since 2012. Her recently published work includes: Fables of the Self: Studies in Lyric Poetry (2008), Ghost in a Red Hat (2011) and Earthworks: Selected Poems (2016).

Wells, Amy Associate Professor at Université Caen Normandy, she recently published Liberté, Francophonie, Sexualité (2019), a study of American women in Normandy between World War I and World War II.